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Friday sermon: Modesty and humility will earn Allah’s protection

Modesty is not just covering your body, but also being discreet about any errors you make, worshippers will hear

Allah has encouraged Muslims to be modest, promising great success to those who are humble, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

The Prophet Mohammed reiterated this by saying “[Allah] loves modesty and humble concealing faults of others and oneself.”

Concealment is a key part of modesty. Muslims who draw nearer to Allah through acts of worship and piety will find themselves concealed and sheltered by Him on the Day of Judgment.

The Prophet said: “One of you will come close to his Lord till He will shelter him and He will say: “Did you commit such and such [sin]? He will say, ‘Yes.’ Then Allah will say: Did you commit such and such [sin]? He will say, ‘Yes.’ Then Allah will make him confess (all his sins) until He will say: ‘I concealed them [your sins] for you in the world, and today I forgive them for you’.”

This is an example of the mercy and clemency of Allah, who encouraged modesty from the time of Adam and Eve.

The Quran says that Adam and Eve were inspired to cover themselves once they became conscious of their bodies – setting an example for all Muslims to follow.

“And when they tasted of the tree, their private parts became apparent to them, and they began to fasten together over themselves from the leaves of Paradise”. ­(Quran 7:22)

Modesty and covering are among the noble qualities and were upheld by the prophets, including the Prophet Musa (Moses).

“Moses was a shy and modest person and used to cover his body completely,” the Quran says of him.

The Prophet Mohammed is also said to have been discreet and modest, and once said: “Every religion has its distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is modesty.”

The Prophet would teach his companions to behave in a way that reflected this – with higher morals and lofty virtues.

Among the Prophet’s companions well-known for his shyness Othman.

“Indeed, Othman is a person of great shyness and concealment, of whom (even) the Angels are shy,” Prophet Mohammed once said.

Women are also encouraged to be modest and conceal themselves.

Modesty extends beyond clothing to concealing any wrongdoings by not bragging. Should a Muslim commit a sin, they should correct their error and seek repentance. Allah will provide them shelter and pardon their sins.

The Prophet Mohammed warned against gloating over your sins.

“All the people of my Ummah would get pardon for their sins except those who publicise them.”

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