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Friday sermon: be good to others and be rewarded in the Afterlife

The sermon will tell worshippers that all their deeds will be recorded for review on the Day of Judgment

Striving to do good and doing it with sincerity will be rewarded by Allah in the hereafter.

This forms the core of Islam and the message appears repeatedly in the Quran.

It is a continuation of what can be understood from the holy books that came before it, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

The greatest efforts, according to Islam, are those that a person makes with sincerity and a desire to please Allah.

Examples of these good deeds include acts of worship.

“Oh you who believe, when the [adhan] is called for prayer on Juma, then proceed unto the remembrance of ­Allah and leave aside trade,” the Quran says, highlighting Friday prayers as a main form of worship.

Acts such as helping others or seeking halal sustenance are regarded highly by Allah.

The Prophet Mohammed encouraged Muslims to nsure they worked hard to provide for their families and care for their elders.

“One who strives to serve his parents when they are elderly, is in the path of Allah. And if he was to strive in looking after a young child then he is in the path of Allah. And if he was to strive in making himself independent of needing other people then he is in the path of Allah,” the Prophet Mohammed said.

Feeding the poor and helping those who are weak earns a reward equal to that of a day’s fast and praying all night, as does caring for widows and orphans.

Every action, no matter how great or small, will be recorded by the angels to be reviewed by Allah on the Day of Judgment.

“And fear a day when you will be returned to Allah. Then every soul will be compensated for what it earned, and they will not be treated unjustly,” the Quran says.

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