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Friday sermon: Allah forbids desecration of the body and soul with drugs

Helping people to avoid the dangers of substance abuse is society's responsibility, the sermon will say

Allah created the human soul and breathed life into it so it must be treated with dignity and honour, not sullied with poisons or taken for granted.

The sermon will tell worshippers on Friday that the Quran and the Prophets were sent to teach people how to preserve their souls by strengthening their faith and being good to others.

Taking your own life or the life of another is prohibited in Islam.

“And do not take a life whom Allah has given sanctity, whom Allah has given sanctity, except by way of justice and law,” the Quran reads.

Allah has prohibited anything that will harm human beings and is destructive to their lives. This includes the use of drugs. Substance abuse is prohibited by Allah because it destroys the self and spirit, wrecks the body, ruins minds, wastes money and shatters families.

“How many a soul embarked on taking drugs, under the pretext of experimenting with them or by way of invitation from a bad friend, and is then unable to escape from the clutches of substance abuse?” the sermon will ask.

Prophet Mohammed warned against drug use, describing it as “poison”.

“Whoever kills himself with poison, then his poison will be in his hand, to continually take it in the Fire of Hell, dwelling in that state eternally,” he said.

This was also generally emphasised in the Quran. “Whoever does that out of transgression and wrongfulness, We shall cast him into the Fire. This is an easy thing for Allah.”

The human soul is happy when it is pleased and at peace – feelings that are impossible long term among drug abusers. Those who suffer from drug addiction often experience anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress.

It is important to protect young generations from the dangers of substance abuse by teaching them about the evil consequences.

This task is the responsibility of society as a whole, but families and teachers in particular because they spend long periods with children.

“Alas! Each one of you is a guardian, and each one of you is responsible for his charge,” Prophet Mohammed said.

The sermon will call on worshippers to work together to achieve a safer future for the younger generations and pray for Allah to grant our souls protection against evil.

Updated: December 26, 2019 09:38 PM

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