x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

A chant of the builders

A song from the rebuilding of the fort.

While rebuilding the fort in the early 1940s, the locals would sing to help with their tasks. Some of these traditional chants have survived to this day.

Hublani hublaih

And the rope has hurt my hand

Hublani hublaih

I want a wife from Dubai/Dibba

Hublani hublaih

My aunt have mercy on me

Turn the ship steady, captain

Let me see the city and its people

This is not just an island (Abu Dhabi), This is a pillar of Oman

(The man is asking the captain of the ship to avoid the wind and head toward the city of Abu Dhabi that he describes as a pillar of Oman, in an expression to show pride. The phrase is taken from a poem by Sheikh Saeed bin Tahnoon, the ruler from 1845-55.)