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What to do if you suspect medical malpractice in the UAE

Where to go to file a complaint about medical malpractice in the UAE depends on which emirate the incident occurred.

Reporting medical malpractice depends on where the incident occurred.

For federal hospitals in Dubai and all medical centres in the Northern Emirates, complaints must be filed to the Ministry of Health.

The patient must visit the ministry's office in their home emirate and submit a complaint in writing to the department of medical licensing.

This will then be given to the medical liability committee, which convenes every two weeks.

Based on the report, the committee will take action, including full investigation of the patient's medical records and all of the medical staff involved in the patient's case.

Reporting medical malpractice in Dubai must also be made in writing to the clinical governance office at the Dubai Health Authority and the report must be made within six months of the incident.

The office will then investigate and take the necessary disciplinary action.

Patients who want to report medical malpractice in Abu Dhabi must visit the customer services department at the Health Authority Abu Dhabi headquarters on Airport Road and fill out a medical malpractice form.

Cases are accepted within a year from the incident. The clinical reviews and investigations section handles claims in a process that normally takes between three and six months.

Any reports of malpractice at facilities belonging to the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) must be reported to Seha headquarters first.