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WATCH: Camel milk's new winning formula?

Dubai dairy producer Camelicious unveils its latest camel product - powdered baby milk

The ship of the desert has long provided sustenance for the region. While camel milk has been drunk by people for about 5,000 years, we've seen everything from milkshakes to "camelcinos" hit the supermarket shelves.

Now, Dubai dairy producer Camelicious says it has a new winning formula: the world’s first powered baby-milk.

The product was launched at Dubai's Gulfood exhibition and has been developed with Dutch dairy-maker Triscom Holland.


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The formula is based on years of research and is initially targeted at children aged one to three, Camelicious says, particularly babies and toddlers who are allergic to cow's milk.

"Camel milk … is rich in vitamin C. It has three-to-five times more vitamin C than cow's milk”, said Mutasher Al Badry, the deputy general manager & business development manager at Camelicious.

The company said it's the only GCC-based dairy producer with food safety standards approval from the European Union. As such, the formula will be based on camel milk powder entirely produced in Dubai, before the product is enhanced and packaged in the Netherlands.

The product will initially be sold in select retailers in the Middle East and North Africa, but like soap and camel chocolates, Camelicious hopes to expand sales around the world in the future.

Updated: February 20, 2018 02:18 PM