x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Tough guidelines for Sharjah’s new water tanks

Sharjah Municipality issues the new guidelines for all new properties in the emirate.

Landlords in Sharjah will be required to install water tanks which meet tough specifications in all new properties.

The rules are designed to prevent tenants from being exposed to a contaminated water supply.

The assistant director of Sharjah Municipality for Technical Affairs, Abdul Aziz Al Mansouri, said that notifications will be sent out in the coming weeks to property owners to install the water tanks, used for washing and cooking for example, and to cover existing ones from the heat, especially during the summer.

This initiative is part of the municipality’s larger efforts to improve safety in buildings and encourage the use of environmentally friendly solar heaters.

Mr Al Mansouri added that the municipality is conducting regular inspections across the emirate to ensure properties are safe and compliant with the regulations.