x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

The new health tests for expatriates

All expatriate workers from certain countries will be tested for contagious diseases, medical conditions and physical disabilities as part of the visa process. Here is a list of the diseases.

Infectious diseases

HIV / Aids

Hepatitis B and Anti HCV (an antibody to the Hepatitis C virus)

Microfilaria and malaria


Tuberculosis - any type

Venereal diseases


Non-infectious diseases

Chronic renal failure

Chronic hepatic failure

Congestive heart failure

Uncontrolled hypertension

Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

Known case of cancer

Psychiatric diseases and neurological disorders

Physical disability, such as colour blindness for drivers and deafness.

Any major operation

Haemoglobin below 10 mg/dl