x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Pharmacies without pharmacists closed

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi warns 15 pharmacies and closes five for not employing qualified pharmacists.

ABU DHABI // The Health Authority Abu Dhabi has issued warnings to 15 pharmacies across the emirate and temporarily closed five for not employing qualified staff.

"They are employing sales people but not qualified pharmacists," said Rami Adwan, a spokesman for the authority. "They must have licensed pharmacists."

It was not the first warning for some of the pharmacies. Of the 15 that received warnings, those that were repeat offenders were also fined, while operations at the other five have been suspended until they employ qualified staff.

"We are now giving some of the pharmacies time to recruit healthcare professionals. Most are now recruiting," Mr Adwan said.

The health authority inspects the emirate's pharmacies two to three times year and a committee discusses and assesses the findings every three months.