x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Nearly 20,000 warnings for unhygienic practices at beauty salons

Dubai Municipality has issued 19,413 warnings to salons and health clubs for unhygienic practices that include re-using disposable tools.

DUBAI // Nearly 20,000 warnings were issued and several beauty salons and health clubs were temporarily shut last year because of unhygienic practices, Dubai Municipality said yesterday.

Common offences included reusing tools meant  for one-time use.

The municipality did not, however, disclose how many salons and clubs were temporarily shut in 2011 or the number of fines it had issued.

“Total inspections carried out on the health and related institutions in Dubai amounted to 13,850 inspections in 2011, while the total warnings sent to such institutions reached 19,413,” Redha Salman, the municipality’s director of public health and safety, said yesterday.

His comments followed a recent forum that the municipality conducted with about 30 salons and health clubs. They were told to follow hygiene regulations, including the use of sterilised and approved equipment.

Under the hygiene code, salons are banned from blending henna with other chemicals, and from reusing facial towels and shaving sets. Instead, they are required to use disposable towels and shaving sets. And health clubs must secure approval for any dietary supplements they sell.

The first step if a routine inspection uncovers a problem at a salon or club is a warning, Mr Salman said.

In cases of repeat offences, establishments are closed down for seven days, Mr Salman said, adding that no salon or club had been permanently shut so far.

“Our system is with notices, fines, doubling of fines and finally temporary closure,” he said.

He said fines ranged from Dh200 to Dh10,000, depending on the offence.

“It could be because of cleanliness, hygiene or non-compliance of a product,” he said. “We have sometimes seen fines reach up to Dh10,000. But our intention is not to keep doubling and tripling the fines.”