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Maternity leave around the world

In the United Kingdom statutory maternity leave is 52 weeks.

United Kingdom: statutory maternity leave is 52 weeks.

New Zealand: maternity leave of 14 continuous weeks may start up to six weeks before the expected date of birth. This leave can be extended to 52 weeks if the woman is in employment for more than one year.

Sweden: parents are entitled to 480 days, or more than 68 weeks, of parental leave.

India: women are entitled to 12 weeks' maternity leave, six before the birth and six after.

Canada: female employees are entitled to up to 17 weeks of maternity leave if they have completed six consecutive months of continuous employment with the same employer.

South Africa: women may take four months of maternity leave, starting one month before their due date.

Some of the figures above may vary depending on entitlement, employer's policy and whether a mother opts for paid leave, unpaid leave, or both.

* Emily Cleland