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Making lifestyle change requires commitment and support, people say

One Indian woman says she had no time to take care of herself until her children left home but now she makes an effort to eat well and exercise

While some are chosing the wrong methods to lose weight, there are others that are benefitting from doing it the right way - with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

AH, a 27-year-old Emirati engineer, has been working to lose weight for two years and has been to see a nutritionist.

"In two years I lost 22kg and my family has supported me. The challenge is avoiding restaurants, eating at night and stopping consumption of sugar,” said the Abu Dhabi native who believes people avoid going to a dietician as they don’t want to follow strict rules.

A 54-year-old Indian woman who did not want to give her name said the sedentary lifestyle in Dubai has taken its toll on her health in the 13 years she’s lived there.

Three years ago, on a pilgrimage in India, she found herself unable to get up after sitting down on the floor and realised that she needed a lifestyle change.

"The life here is sedentary and we keep piling on weight. When my children were growing up, I couldn’t find time for myself. Once my kids left I had time at hand so I was able to exercise,” said the mother of two.

She said she hadn’t lost much weight but was enjoying leading a healthier life, a move that was inspired by seeing many middle-aged women exercise in the United States.

"I started going to the gym and taking care of my nutritional health. We tend to neglect ourselves and fail to ensure that we take our vitamins, etc,” she added.

"Once I started going to the gym, I became much more active. I am overweight but my goal wasn’t to lose weight but to manage my weight. I used to find it difficult to even sit on the floor.

"Before I thought only young people go to gym. I realised that it’s more important to exercise and eat healthy at my age.”

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