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Hospital blames clinic for death of boy, 12

Boy did not receive adequate medical care at clinic after bicycle accident, hospital alleges.

DUBAI // A hospital accused of medical negligence after the death of a 12-year-old boy has denied responsibility, instead accusing a nearby clinic of failing to do enough to save him.

Prakhar Saini bled to death after falling from his bicycle on November 29, 2007. The hospital in Jebel Ali said Prakhar arrived there "far too late" to staunch the blood loss.

A statement released by the hospital yesterday said the clinic where the boy was first taken failed in its duty of care. "This failure to give assistance is a crucial point," said the hospital's medical director.

"The duty of the clinic would have been to put the child on a stretcher, to tamponade and compress the bleeding groin wound, to put an intravenous line and to call an ambulance for the transport of the child to the Government Trauma Centre. This failure was the crucial mistake, since it led to the irreparable blood loss."

The statement was issued after the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours referred the medical negligence case to the Higher Committee for Medical Liability for examination. "The injured child arrived far too late at our hospital in order to save his life," the medical director added.

The clinic was not available to comment on the hospital's claims. Prakhar's parents, Jitendra and Monika Saini, accused the hospital of failing to provide timely treatment that could have saved his life.

At an earlier hearing at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, three doctors - PS, 60, KS, 64, both from India, and AA, 68, from Lebanon - denied causing Prakhar's death.

The next hearing was set for April 27.