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Health Authority Abu Dhabi orders closure of four private clinics

The emirate’s health body has temporarily shut four healthcare centres for failing to meet standards.

ABU DHABI // The Health Authority Abu Dhabi has temporarily shut down four healthcare centres in the emirate.

The centres, all privately-run, were closed after inspectors found a number of violations.

These included a failure to comply with room disinfection standards, lack of cleanliness, failure to comply with medical device quality control standards, mixing sterile and non-sterile tools and storing medical files improperly.

“Haad’s decision aims to safeguard patients and also to allow healthcare facilities to take necessary corrective actions,” said Dr Maha Barakat, the director general. “Complying with standards is key to improving the quality of healthcare services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

The health body refused to reveal which centres had been closed.

The closures follow the introduction of hospital rating initiative Jawda, which means quality in Arabic, introduced by Haad last year.

Every hospital, health centre and clinic in Abu Dhabi is to be rated for the standard of care they provide.

Each is asked to answer a number of questions about performance. The number of areas in which facilities are graded will be expanded to about 200.

Failure to meet standards will lead to spot inspections and those that repeatedly fail will face closure.

When it announced the initiative last year, the health body said results will be made public to motivate, and there are other measures if this does not encourage health facilities to improve.

In the worst-case scenario, the authority would shut down a healthcare provider, Dr Barakat said at the time.

According to Haad, 421 audit visits were carried out last year.

Another healthcare facility was closed earlier this year for failing to comply with safety standards. It reopened after taking corrective action, the health body said.


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