x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Dubai and Saudi doctors in joint licence plan

The Dubai Health Authority has announced that it is engaged in discussions to allow Saudi doctors to practise in the emirate, with Saudi doctors having reciprocal privileges.

DUBAI // Doctors licensed to work in Saudia Arabia and Dubai may soon be allowed to practise in both places.

Health officials are in talks to explore ways in which they can benefit from each other's expertise, and a joint licensing arrangement is the likely result, Dr Ramadan Ibrahim, director of health regulation at Dubai Health Authority, said yesterday.

The deal would allow doctors in each place to hold visiting sessions and workshops in either one, he said.

A spokeswoman for the DHA said it was a future plan, and there was no indication when it might be implemented.

The DHA and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities are also discussing potential mutual benefit in medical education: conducting and supervising examinations, correcting papers or announcing results.

Dr Khalil Qayed, director of medical education at the DHA, said the authorities would work together in choosing medical panels and examination materials.

"Continuing medical education is a priority at the DHA to ensure our physicians and medical staff are constantly updated with the latest in the medical field and meet international best practices," he said.

The authority regulates more than 2,000 healthcare facilities in Dubai, including clinics, pharmacies and 20 hospitals. It licences more than 16,000 healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians. All could be eligible to work in Saudi Arabia without further licensing requirements.

Last year,the DHA licensed 2,082 healthcare facilities, of which 184 were new.