x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Daman to enforce standard of care

The national health insurance company, Daman, is to introduce a payment by result system to enforce a minimum of standard care across the UAE.

Healthcare providers will be required to meet a minimum standard of care to ensure they are reimbursed by the national health insurance company, Daman. From January, the 'Payment by Results' system will be introduced across the UAE, meaning each hospital and clinic will need to provide Daman with detailed information on the level of care given to patients. Among the details required will be survival rates, re-visit rates and the extent to which patients later develop infection. The quality of the information and the results will, Daman said, "determine the reimbursement rates for rendered services". Spot checks of medical records and patient surveys will be held "to ensure the reliability of the presented data". "It is our primary responsibility to ensure quality services and value for money to all our customers" said Khaled al Qubaisi, the chairman of Daman. "Daman's approach is in line with the Government's long-term vision for the healthcare system and matches current reforms in some of the world's leading healthcare systems." Dr Michael Bitzer, the chief executive of Daman, said: "We will now raise the game to reward hospitals and clinics that achieve excellent treatment results while penalising those that do not fully meet healthcare outcomes expectations". The new legislation is in line with similar changes made by health insurance providers in Western countries.