Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 July 2019

Cycling outside prevents boredom

Exercising outdoors could have more benefits than a regular workout at the gym.

ABU DHABI // Outdoor cycling could have more benefits than a regular workout at the gym, an expert said.

Roshni Pankhania, a personal trainer, said cycling outdoors increased fitness and helped to regulate one’s mood. She also said outdoors there would be more wind and in some cases hills, making it harder to cycle and increasing the fitness level.

“The benefit of cycling outside is that the resistance is always going to be different. Indoors, there is no difference in the weather. In this country because it is hot, your fitness levels are going to increase.

“If you do the same thing every single day you will get bored. Outside, it’s a different environment, different scenery.”

Ms Pankhania suggested those who are just starting out in their fitness journey or are trying to lose weight consider cycling at the gym.

“With a stationary bike, you sit on it and cycle away. When you are fit, you have balance,” she said.

Mohammed Al Ameri, 24, a police officer, recently took up cycling as a sport and a hobby, which he said has made him more fit.

“It is a personal sport for fitness and it has its benefits. What encouraged me was the opening of the Yas Circuit and I liked it,” he said. “I am more fit, I can now ride longer and even run faster and better as well.”

Every Tuesday, he cycles on Yas Island, but during the week he cycles around his neighbourhood in Bain Al Jesrain. Although the weather is still humid at night, Mr Al Ameri tries to cycle for 40 minutes to an hour with a group of four or five friends.

Salem Al Rumaithi said he started cycling after seeing “the joy in his son’s eyes”.

“My two sons, Jaber and Mansour, asked for a bike last winter, and as soon as we got them they were hooked ... it just filled them with happiness and energy,” Mr Al Rumaithi, 48, said.


Updated: September 28, 2014 04:00 AM