Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 27 September 2020


Coronavirus: 277 new Covid-19 cases in the UAE but no deaths recorded

Officials say 179 patients recovered from the virus, adding to a recovery tally of 57,372

A further 277 coronavirus infections were detected on Thursday following an additional 68,964 Covid-19 tests conducted across the UAE.

The infections raised the country's tally to 63,489 since January.

Officials said 179 patients recovered from the virus, adding to a recovery tally of 57,372.

The country also marked a second straight day without a Covid-19 death, leaving the death static at 358.

More than 5.7 million Covid-19 tests have been carried out across the UAE since the outbreak.

The number of daily new cases has been on a steady decline since July 9 but officials called for strict compliance to Covid-19 guidelines.

On Thursday, authorities said more than 15,000 volunteers had received their first of two doses of the proposed Covid-19 vaccine as part of the phase 3 clinical trial being held in the UAE.

Volunteers from 107 nationalities signed up to test the inactive vaccine, which contains a dead version of Covid-19, meeting the required number of subjects for the trial.

The eligible volunteers will be inoculated with the second vaccine within the next few weeks.

Thousands of volunteers signed up but not all were eligible because they did not meet criteria for the testing. Eligible volunteers must have no pre-existing health conditions, including asthma, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease or malignant tumours. They should not have experienced a fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal obstruction or a runny nose for at least 14 days before they took the first shot.

The vaccine was developed by pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, based in China, where phases 1 and 2 of the trials were successfully conducted.

The UAE is involved through an agreement with technology company Group 42 and was chosen for the third phase for its demographic diversity.

Updated: August 13, 2020 03:30 PM

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