x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Arab health congress in Dubai throws spotlight on medical malpractice

“The Mock Civil Trial: Medical Malpractice in the UAE” will be a new feature at the annual Arab Health Exhibition and Congress which takes place in Dubai next January.

DUBAI // Medical experts will be able to witness a mock medical malpractice court case at next year’s Arab Health Exhibiton and Congress.

The conference, “The Mock Civil Trial: Medical Malpractice in the UAE”, will be a new feature of the annual conference, which takes place in Dubai next January.

The medical malpractice session will take place on January 29 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre - home of the main event.

“A victim of medical malpractice has the option of pursuing a complaint in three different ways within Dubai,” said Stephen Ballantine, a solicitor and senior associate at Galadari Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai.

“Filing a civil case at the Dubai Court, filing a complaint with the Dubai Police or Public Prosecutor that may result in a criminal case being instituted against the physicians involved, and filing a complaint with the Dubai Health Authority as the appropriate regulatory authority.”

Victims and their families should know how to present their complaints to the appropriate authorities and what solutions are available to them.

Medical practitioners must also be aware of the possible civil and criminal laws or regulatory outcomes of such complaints.

The conference will help in decoding how the UAE’s laws apply to medical practice.

“A function of the regulator is to ensure that appropriate medical professional standards are maintained and complaints lodged with the DHA are investigated,” said Mr Ballantine.

“Reporting the case to regulator will not usually require the involvement of lawyers and it is free to file. Once a complaint is filed, the concerned medical services provider and physicians are contacted and they will be required to forward the medical file and have the relevant medical staff available for interview.”