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Harshest penalty bid for accused maid killers

Lawyers for the accused blamed the death on each other's client.

ABU DHABI // Public prosecutors have asked for the harshest punishment possible for an Emirati man and woman charged with beating an Indonesian maid to death.

NS was accused of beating her maid to death with a frying pan, with the help of her neighbour, EH.

The employer claimed at the start of the trial that she had psychological problems, but a medical report said she was aware of her actions.

Prosecutors asked that the penalty be "a cure for the soul of the victim, and vengeance for the torture and pain and horror she went through".

Witnesses said the woman regularly tortured the maid by forcing her to eat large amounts of chilli peppers and spicy foods, and would strip her naked to humiliate her.

The defendants also tried to hide their crime by telling police the maid had slipped and hit her head, a prosecutor said. "They imagined that people's fates and souls were a toy in their hands," he said.

Lawyers for the accused blamed the death on each other's client.

The neighbour's lawyer said his client was only watching while the employer beat her maid.

Her three lawyers suggested the neighbour wanted the maid killed because she threatened to report his homosexuality to police. The verdict is due to be given on Monday.