Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 23 May 2019

Handcuffed motorist jailed for dragging officer 100 meters along road

Suspect fled the scene after crashing into railings

A motorist who dragged a police officer along a road for almost 100 metres after attempting to escape arrest has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the officer needed treatment to his arms and legs following the dramatic incident in August this year.

The Emirati officer had pulled the car over and handcuffed the driver's left wrist when the motorist drove off at a high speed.

The policeman was dragged along by the side of the vehicle before the suspect lost control and crashed into railings.

“We saw the car and signalled its driver to stop,” the officer told the hearing. “My colleague and I immediately headed to the driver with the handcuffs.

“I fell to the ground and was dragged for nearly 100 metres before the driver crashed into a railing, got out of the car and fled.”

The incident happened on August 6 as the two officers were out on patrol in Discovery Gardens, Dubai.

After spotting the Mitsubishi Lancer and becoming suspicious of its driver, they ordered the vehicle to stop.

In court, the Indian defendant, 26, denied causing injury to a police officer through use of force.

Prosecutors said he had been arrested on the same day of fleeing the scene of the crash, with handcuffs still on his wrist.

Officers found 140 bottles of spirits and cans of beer in the car, which they said the men had intended to sell illegally.

The passenger of the vehicle remains on the run while the driver was ordered to be deported after completing his sentence.

Updated: October 15, 2018 03:22 PM