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Half-paralysed man 'kidnapped and assaulted man who sold him fake mobile phones'

The man allegedly led a gang to beat the man up then threatened he pay him back Dh5,400 for the fake phones

A man suffering from hemiplegia - paralysis of one side of the body - kidnapped and assaulted a compatriot over a fake mobile scam, Dubai Criminal Court was told on Thursday.

Records show that the Pakistani man, 52, kidnapped his 29-year-old compatriot from the metro station in Al Qusais at 2.30am on June 20.

A Pakistani security guard stationed nearby said he called police after hearing screams for help and seeing a group of men assaulting a man.

“I looked to the direction where the screams were coming from, a man was being assaulted and he was saying - help me please and call police, so I called police,” said the 22-year-old guard.

Police arrested the defendant a day later after questioning the alleged victim.

“I was taken by surprise, but he was not alone, some other men that I don't know were with him, they all assaulted me then dragged me into a white van that was stopped nearby and took me to Ajman,” the man told police.

He said he was taken to a remote area where he was threatened to pay back Dh5,400, the value of mobile phones he sold to the defendant.

“They told me that phones turned out to be fake,’ said the man, who was then set free to get the money.

A police officer said that the man was bruised and scratched. “His face was bruised and lips bloody and swollen,” said the Emirati office, 22.

The victim’s friend said he accompanied him to Ajman where he met the defendant and paid him the money.

The defendant, who has been partially paralysed since 2012, denied all charges in court.

His verdict will be issued on October 30.

Updated: October 7, 2017 10:02 AM