x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Guard watched as Dubai cop had sex with illegal worker

Woman who overstayed visa tried to bribe a police officer with sex, hears court.

DUBAI // An illegal resident had sex with a police officer so he would not report her.

But a security guard discovered them making love in a stairwell, reported them and now they both face charges in court.

DD, 26, from Uzbekistan, told the Criminal Court she had overstayed her visa and was scared of the police officer SS, 21, so bribed him with sex, telling him to follow her to the building where she lives.

On February 25 this year at about 5.45am the building’s security guard spotted them entering the building.

“I asked if there was any problem, he said ‘no’ and when I stood up to walk with them, he ordered me to sit down,” recalled the guard MA, 26.

He watched the building’s surveillance cameras and noticed the pair were heading to the fourth floor, which surprised him because the woman lives on the second floor. When he noticed them heading to the emergency exit he decided to follow them.

“When I drew near, I saw the two having sex,” said the guard. He then watched the policemen leave the building and get into a patrol car. He noted the licence plate of the car and reported the incident to police.

Both the woman and the policeman were charged with consensual sex outside of wedlock. The woman was also charged with offering sex as a bribe and the policeman with accepting sex as a bribe. The woman admitted the charges, but the policeman was not present in court to enter a plea.

A verdict is expected on October 6.