x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Guard smuggled drugs into prison for Dh3,700, court hears

A prison guard is accused of smuggling drugs to an inmate in solitary confinement in exchange for Dh3,700.

DUBAI// A Dubai central prison guard denied taking Dh3,700 in bribes from a prisoner in return for smuggling drugs into his solitary-confinement cell, a Dubai court heard this morning.

TA, 26, an Emirati, told the Dubai Court of First Instance today that he did not take the money or supply the drugs.

However, according to court records, on July 12 last year, TA initially took Dh2,000 from a friend of the prisoner outside the jail, then received the remaining sum after he had smuggled the drugs into the prisoner's cell.

The Emirati prisoner ES, 28, is charged with offering a bribe to an official employee, court records show. He allegedly told TA that his friend outside the prison would provide him with the drugs and the money.

The friend, SA, 27, of Pakistan provided the drugs on July 10, and TA smuggled them into the central prison on July 11, records said.

Corrections officials were alerted to the alleged bribe a week after the incident, records show.

A major at the anti-narcotics department of the corrections department said that TA's poor financial situation led him to take the bribe.

ES originally offered a Dh10,000 bribe, payable in instalments upon each delivery, records said.

TA was arrested upon entering the prison, but no drugs were found in his possession or in his car. He allegedly confessed to investigators that he met with SA at Emirates Petrol Station near the ports police station to receive the drugs.

In the first instance, he smuggled a number of unidentified tablets wrapped in a cigarette, and two black pieces of a narcotic that he did not immediately recognise, records said.

SA threw the drugs next to a light pole, and TA picked them up, then smuggled them to ES. records said.

The money was transferred to TA through exchange centres, records show.

The next hearing will be on May 19 to summon SA and ES.