x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Western Region Police urge public safety for Tel Moreeb Race

The Western Region Police Directorate has urged participants and crowds at the Tel Moreeb Race to observe the rules of public safety, to cooperate with police officers and to avoid engaging in dangerous sports, such as motorcycle and modified car racing, in unspecified areas.

The directorate noted that specific tracks are provided to ensure that the event is safe and accident-free.

Lt Col Ojail Ali Abdullah, director of the directorate, called on participants and the public to avoid venturing deep into the desert and to use GPS devices to make it easier for location when necessary. He urged them to be partners in ensuring safety and security in this type of events.

He also noted that police patrols will be securing the road between Liwa and the Tel Mereeb site and that all safety and rescue measures have been taken to intervene in cases of emergency.