Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 July 2019

Sheikh Mohammed: 'no excuse' for government bodies not to improve

Vice President and Ruler of Dubai calls for departments to step up their game as results of performance assessments are unveiled

Residents who received the call from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid expressed delight at the gesture. WAM
Residents who received the call from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid expressed delight at the gesture. WAM

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has said he will accept "no excuses" in his bid to make UAE Government services the best in the world after unveiling the results of nationwide assessments.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai spoke of his lofty ambitions for the country's public bodies while approving the findings of the third annual star ratings for government service scheme, which ranked the efforts of 167 customer happiness centres across 20 federal departments.

The bodies' performance is a ranked on a star-rating scale of two for the worst performers to seven for the best.

No organisation achieved a six or seven-star rating, with just seven deemed to be providing a five-star service.

The number of centres achieving a four-star mark increased by 74 per cent, with the amount of three-star centres down by 23 per cent compared to the 2015 results.

"We want government entities to provide the best services in the world," said Sheikh Mohammed.

"This is what we are looking for and we don’t accept any delays or hesitation or excuses that prevent us from achieving this goal.


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"Six years ago, we launched the star ratings system that assess the services these entities provide. This system reflects our work methodology through providing exceptional services that make people happy and improve their life quality, and set a model for world government to follow."

Sheikh Mohammed said the performance of government bodies is vital to the well-being of the country and it's people.

"The UAE provide ideas to achieve people’s happiness and improve life’s quality of the society, and to implement this idea in reality.

"The achievements of government entities reflect the realistic picture of what is requested from them in order to make people happy.

"We want to cement this image in clerks and customers that our government work on achieving the inspirations of the society and provide outstanding services."

Sheikh Mohammed congratulated government organisations that improved their rating and urged them to become more efficient and speed up their progress in order to deliver even better results in the future.

In July, Sheikh Mohammed said the results of an employee satisfaction survey of government workers were unacceptably low, and gave managers six months to improve morale.

In his latest push to improve efficiency in the public sector, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai expressed disappointment at a study that showed employees in five government offices had relatively low job satisfaction.

Sheikh Mohammed said that, while some showed satisfaction was as high as 93 per cent, only 60 per cent of employees at five offices said they were satisfied at their workplace.

Updated: November 21, 2018 05:33 PM