x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Mosques should warn UAE Muslims about Brotherhood, says Saudi expert

A former editor-in-chief of the Saudi Al Sharq newspaper says mosques are the "best medium" to warn Muslims about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ABU DHABI // Muslims should be warned about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood at mosques, a Saudi speaker told an audience in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

At a seminar held at Zayed University by Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Centre, Qaynan Al Ghamidi, a former editor-in-chief of the Saudi Al Sharq newspaper, said mosques were the "best medium in our countries".

He called on GCC countries to print millions of copies of Tharwat Al Kharabawi's book, The Secret of the Temple, and distribute them to every house.

"Gulf television needs to stream seminars and meetings with these people, to give people information," he said.

Politics was important, he said. "We do not want chaos like in Egypt or Tunis," he said. "Like the constitution - making everyone vote on it is not logical. But we want logical political solutions."

Foreign policy should be coordinated, too, he said. "The GCC is not unified in their foreign policy. There is no coordination."

He said Qatar, in particular, was out of step with the rest of the Gulf.

"Now people follow all media, they know the differences around the GCC," he said. "There are no secrets. Governments should not think that people do not know about these contradictions."