Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 26 August 2019

Government worker arrested for claiming benefits of dead man

Man accused of pocketing financial aid of man who died seven years ago

A government worker accused of claiming the financial benefits of a man who has been dead for seven years has been arrested by Abu Dhabi Police.

Police said the employee continued to issue the financial aid given to the man by a government body after his death in 2011 - only to pocket it himself.

Col Mattar Al Muhairi, head of the anti-corruption department in Abu Dhabi police, said the unnamed government body reported a possible corruption case at their Al Ain branch.

An investigation was launched, with police discovering that the passport of the deceased had been replaced with a copy featuring a picture that looked like the deceased, allowing the monthly allowance to continue to be claimed.

When police arrested the man, they found he was in possession of three dead birds, incantations and witchcraft samples, as well as credit cards belonging to colleagues.

Officers later found more credit cards and locks of people's hair stored with witchcraft samples at the man's home.

Police also arrested a woman who is believed to have been the defendant’s accomplice, and two housemaids accused of withdrawing the monthly allowance from cash machines, to hand it over to the suspect.

The case has been referred to Al Ain public prosecution for further investigation.


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