x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Dubai could use security lessons from 2012 Olympics at World Expo 2020

With the growing security threats around the world, global spending on security is expected to rise from US$330 billion in 2011 to US$550bn.

DUBAI // Security lessons learnt at the 2012 London Olympics could be incorporated in Dubai if the city wins the World Expo 2020, a British security expert has said.

“After the UK’s hosting of the Olympics 2012, the technology used in that is now wanted, especially with Dubai planning to host the World Expo in 2020," said Simon Everest, the head of the Security Directorate at the UK Trade and Investment department's Defence and Security Organisation.

"There is a real variety of security that is involved, from the initial planning stage, the training required and design. And that is all before you go into the technology needed for the security around the perimeter, the events and the intelligence you need to understand all the threats to the physical security."

The British security industry has experience in areas such as command and control, security products, physical training and protection and intelligence-gathering, he added.

Mr Everest, who attended the Intersec Dubai 2013 Security and Safety exhibition on Tuesday, said the UAE seeks British security and defence expertise, particularly when it comes to the organisation of large-scale events.

"For good or bad reasons, the UK has experience over the last 30 years in dealing with security threats," he said. "We have developed a wide range of approachs to security."

Global spending on security in general is expected to rise from US$330 billion (Dh1.2 trillion) in 2011 to $550bn.

James Waller, the assistant director for the Arabian Gulf at the UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation, described the UAE as Britain's most important partner in the region.

"Globally, there is a growing threat to the security and well-being of nations. If we work together, the world will be a safer place," he said.