x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Government opens communication channels

The Government plans to make itself more accessible to the media through a new communications office.

ABU DHABIi // The Government is to improve its lines of communication with the media through a central communication office dedicated to responding to journalists' inquiries. The Government will appoint a chief spokesman to speak on broader issues while the communication office will handle inquiries relating to various ministries and federal bodies. "The office will substantially improve the internal and external communication channels in the federal government," reported WAM, the Government news agency.

Government agencies have public relations and media departments which either issue press releases or refer journalists to the relevent official. The process might take hours or even days. In some instances these officials decline to provide information or speak on the record because they need to obtain permission to speak from the PR or media office. Information can also be obtained through briefings or press conferences the Government organises. These are held for high-profile events, such as international conferences.