x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Good friends help you stay on the right path through life: sermon

The Friday sermon discusses the importance of choosing friends wisely.

Muslims will be reminded today of how to choose friends, because of their influence on one's path in life.

"It's part of human nature to want to mix with others," says the sermon, "and this friendship has a clear influence on the human's intellect and behaviour."

Friends also play a role in defining a person's destiny and happiness in life and the hereafter, as people often adopt their friends' characteristics and actions.

The sermon cites a hadith by the Prophet Mohammed that says: "The person follows the religion [or habits] of his friends; so each one should consider whom he befriends."

Mohammed al Daqqaq, 28, a public relations executive, said he was looking for a wife, so he could spend time with someone with whom he shared common ground.

"My friends are mostly work colleagues who are non-Muslim and drink, so I'm worried I might drift away if I don't find someone like myself to spend time with," he said. "So if I can find a wife who is like me, or a bit more religious, she will encourage me to stay on the right path and, at the same time, we can go out and travel together."

The sermon cites a verse from the Quran that says, "Friends on that day [of judgement] will be enemies one to another, except al Muttaqoon," referring to those who are strong in faith.