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Gang stole luxury cars worth Dh1.6 million, court hears

Driver masterminded theft of vehicles from company he worked for

A driver masterminded the theft of three luxury cars worth more than Dh1.6 million from the company he worked for, a court heard.

The 25-year-old, from Pakistani, enlisted the help of three compatriots, aged 31, 30 and 27, to steal the two Mercedes - with a combined value of Dh1.150 million - and a Dh500,000 Range Rover in Dubai.

The gang arranged for the theft and sale of the vehicles in May of his year, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The thieves sold the three high-end vehicles for Dh250,000 to a Syrian businessman.

The ringleader then fled the country and arranged for his accomplices to wire him his share of their ill-gotten gains.

But when they failed to send him the cash he composed an email confessing his crimes to his employer, implicating the other involved parties.

The four men were arrested and charged with the theft and possession of the three cars.

The 35-year-old businessman was also charged for purchasing stolen goods.

The defendants denied all charges laid against them at court.

Police said that the four Pakistani defendants asked for Dh500,000 for all three cars but the Syrian buyer refused and forced them to reduce the price to Dh250,000.

“We found Dh170,000 with one of the defendants which he said was the remaining amount of the Dh250,000 they received for the cars. But the market value for the vehicles is not less that Dh1.3m at worst,” said a policeman.

The next hearing was scheduled for January 6.

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