x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

Gang arrested for robbing bank customers

The six Afghan men would keep watch for bank customers who withdrew large amounts of cash.

SHARJAH // Six Afghan men have been arrested for robbing customers as they left banks.

During one theft, the gang took Dh138,865 from a man leaving a bank in one of Sharjah's industrial areas.

A police spokesman said the suspects would watch for people who withdraw large amounts of cash.

"The gang would split up, some would wait out on the street while others were in the banks," he said. "When they spotted a customer with cash, they would signal to their accomplices to pour a chemical liquid over the victim's tyres.

"Once the victim entered their vehicle and placed the cash on the passenger seat or dashboard, one of the suspects would knock on the window and point that there was a problem with the car's tyres."

When the victim got out to inspect the tyre and was distracted, one of the gang would snatch the cash and escape in a taxi parked nearby.

Sharjah Police set up a trap and arrested four of the suspects. They confessed to the robberies with two accomplices, saying they would divide the cash among themselves and send their share to their families in Afghanistan.

Police have warned residents not to withdraw large amounts of cash unaccompanied and to be vigilant of their surroundings.

They urged people to keep valuables in a safe place inside their vehicle.