x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Friends of teen accused of having fake driving licence say they all got them in Saudi Arabia

The teen went to Saudi Arabia at the age of 17 to get a driving licence, which is allowed in the country.

ABU DHABI // Friends of a teenager accused of having a fake driving licence said they all acquired it from the same school and never experienced any problems, the Criminal Court heard on Thursday.

M A, 19, previously told the court that he went to Saudi Arabia two years ago to get his licence as he was just 17 at the time.

But he was accused of using a fake one by traffic officials.

A M, 19, a student, said he and M A and a few other friends went to Saudi Arabia to take part in the same school. They were all 17 and wanted to get a licence, which is allowed in Saudi Arabia.

“We went through the same required procedures and took practical and theory classes together,” he said. After the exam, they were told to wait for a few days before receiving the licence.

“We waited, but MA left and the mediator told us he will send it to him via courier, ” he said.

Another witness MM, 19, said he met MA a few times in the classes in Saudi Arabia. He said the same mediator had helped all of them.

Both witnesses have experienced no issues with their licence.

MA’s defence lawyer said he went through the right procedures and should not be convicted.

“He has the documents that prove he went to the classes and exams. He went through the right procedures but had to leave due to an emergency. He went to the Traffic Directorate who told him the license was cleared. The specialised employee did not recognise it, so how will MA?” he said.

A verdict is expected on March 3.