Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 16 December 2019

Friday sermon: Understanding and communication leads to happy and successful family life

Successful communication between spouses is in fact a 'religious obligation'

The foundation and key to a happy family life is the understanding and communication between its members, the sermon will say.

“This begins with the husband and wife showing mutual love and kindness; being united, connected, compassionate, forgiving and gentle,” it says. The sermon cites from the Quran a verse that provides guidance for spouses to live a happy life.

“God created for you from yourselves partners so that you may find tranquillity in them, and he placed between you affection and mercy.”

Therefore, successful communication between spouses is in fact a religious obligation, and not just a social one.

“Communication is strengthened by the couple sitting with each other to discuss the matters of their home,” the sermon says.

This was evident in the life of Prophet Mohammed as he would always make time for his spouses, spoke to them and showed his affection.

“Whenever he would enter the house after night prayers, he would speak to his family for an hour,” said one of the Prophet’s companions.

Likewise, the Prophet would walk with his wives, and chat with them.

The Prophet’s wife, Safiyyah bint Huyai, was quoted as saying: “I came to visit the Prophet while he was in the state of I’tikaf (seclusion in the mosque during the last 10 days of Ramadan). After speaking to him, I got up to return. The Prophet also got up and accompanied me a part of the way.”

If the couple are successful in communicating with one another, they are likely to transfer that harmony to their children.

Prophet Mohammed once said: “All of you are shepherds and all of you are responsible for your flock ... a man is the guardian of his family and is responsible for those under his care.”

Therefore, parents should meet their children and discuss with them. They should also show them their love and affection, and strengthen their relationship with God.

Updated: February 15, 2019 09:11 AM