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Friday's sermon: Respect the holiness of the mosque

Be on your best behaviour and show your best appearance at the mosque, this week's sermon reminds worshippers.

Worshippers should be on their best behaviour and mindful of their appearance when visiting the mosque, this week's sermon says.

"Mosques have benefits and a code of ethics," says the sermon. "Allah doubles the rewards of a worshipper while walking towards one, so when one performs ablution at his home and then walks towards the mosque, with every step Allah doubles the rewards for him and erases a sin - when he reaches the mosque and joins group prayers he is forgiven his sins."

Mosque ethics include wearing the nicest, cleanest clothes possible. A Quranic verse says: "O Children of Adam! Look to your adornment at every place of worship, and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. Lo! He loveth not the prodigals."

Worshippers should make sure their clothes are not revealing and that their body odour is not distracting to others.

The Prophet Mohammed once instructed Muslims not to go near the mosque after eating garlic or onions, as angels are hurt by such smells.

"So be keen on respecting the mosque's holiness, hygiene, furniture and avoid messing its premises," the sermon concludes.

Worshippers are also encouraged to avoid gossiping, chit chat, trading and begging.