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Ford Mustang Shelby from ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ on sale on Dubizzle

The iconic souped-up Ford Mustang Shelby from the film 'Gone in 60 Seconds' has gone on sale on Dubizzle.

DUBAI // The iconic souped-up Ford Mustang Shelby from the film Gone in 60 Seconds has gone on sale on Dubizzle.

The car, named Eleanor for the film, is one of only 11 in the world, and can be bought for Dh470,000.

It is modeled on a real 1967 Shelby, but the engine was replaced by a higher powered Ford 428, which generates 650 horsepower. However that can be increased to 1,000 horsepower with the addition of nitrous oxide.

It was driven by Nicolas Cage in the 2000 remake of the classic movie.

"In total, 11 Eleanors were created for the movie, but each one had slightly different designs, based on the role they were expected to perform in the movie," said the advert.

"A new body kit was added, along with fully functioning side pipes and mag wheels. An automatic transmission was also added to make stunt scenes easier for the drivers."

The dealer who posted the advert, Al Ameen Motors, said the car had not yet been sold.

"It's a very special car, and we have had lots of people interested in it," said Faisal Ballaith, a manager at the auto dealer.

"I have so many luxury cars, even super cars like Bugattis, or Rolls Royce or Ferraris. But when people come to my showroom, they are looking at this car, not the super cars."

He said the previous owner had been a VIP from Abu Dhabi, but declined to give names.

He said he had members of the royal family who were interested in the car, but so far had not received any satisfactory offers.