x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

FNC to tell international summit of its experiences

The FNC has been chosen as one of eight nations to present its parliamentary research before an international gathering on how to manage government.

The FNC will present the body's research this month before a prestigious international forum, it announced yesterday.

The FNC is one of eight assemblies worldwide chosen to make a presentation at the International Parliamentary Union meeting, to be held in the Swiss capital Berne between October 15 and 20.

Dr Mohammed Salim Al Mazroui, the secretary general of the FNC, confirmed yesterday the general secretariat will present lessons the council has learnt through managing meetings.

The FNC has eight committees specialising in various issues - including the merits of proposed draft laws, and ministry programmes and budgets - before presenting them to the council, officials and ministers.

The statement from the FNC said it had successfully managed to apply the methods of scientific research that are used in the American and European parliaments.

Dr Al Mazroui said the FNC researchers were continuously trained and had been attending workshops on modern techniques for collection, management and dissemination of its research.

He said this had helped to improve the council's performance and results.