x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

FNC candidates allowed to have proxies for results

Some Northern Emirates candidates have gotten approval to have representatives attend to final polling results in their places.

AJMAN // Seven candidates have asked the FNC in Ajman to have representatives take their place for the release of results on election day.

"The office accepted all of the requests, as it was allowed among the election rules," said Saeed Saif Al Matroushi, the director of the FNC Ajman. "Some candidates are more comfortable being told the final results than watching them as they come in."

Mr Al Matroushi said others wanted to share a presence with representatives, as they could not be at the polling station for the whole day.

There were no withdrawals from the race in the emirate and about half of the candidates had applied for licences to put up posters, he said.

As the week closed, candidates noted some of their rivals were taking advantage of having big families.

"We want the election authorities to help create awareness among the voters to consider ability and vision of candidates, not their families," said one candidate, who requested anonymity.

"The problem is that when we as candidates talk about it, the message is misinterpreted as being jealous and you risk the whole family of that candidate not voting for you."

Ahmed Rashid, a member of the Ajman FNC organising committee, said he trusted voters to make wise choices.

"I would consider the candidates' past works and all that I know about the candidate's programme - that can make a good FNC member for Ajman," Mr Rashid said. "But this is my own criterion."