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Fire safety tips for your home

Tips to minimise the risk of fire in your home.

- Use only approved and high-quality electrical devices.

- Windows should not have bars, so they can be used as exits in case of an emergency.

- Homes should have more than one emergency exit and an accessible external escape ladder.

- Keep gas cylinders in well-ventilated closed cabinets, away from direct sun rays or flammable materials

- Kitchens, children's rooms, bathrooms, hallways and storerooms should be equipped with smoke and heat detectors.

- The kitchen should be fitted with a gas leakage detector.

- Each kitchen should have a fire blanket.

- All internal and external electrical wires must be insulated.

- Fire extinguishers should be available in the kitchen and corridors.

- Civil Defence estimates that 25 per cent of fire accidents are caused by smoking, so do not smoke in bedrooms.

- Do not use barbecue grills or coal heaters in confined places.

- Make a fire action plan to teach family members and house staff what to do during a fire, and ensure that family members are familiar with an evacuation plan.

- See that stairways are fitted with safety rails and are kept clear.

Source: Civil Defence