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Father threatened to burn daughters, Dubai court hears

The man allegedly locked the two women out of their house and threatened to burn them should they enter

A man threatened to burn his two daughters if they stepped into his home, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

On April 1, the two sisters — aged 31 and 34 — returned to the home they share with their father in Oud Al Mutaina after work, prosecutors said.

The women told the court that their father, 57, came into the villa and kicked them out before locking the door.

“We started talking to him and asking him to open the door, he refused and responded from behind the closed door and said that he would burn us both of we came into the house,” said the sisters.

Records show that the incident was preceded by a series of family disputes, the nature of which were not disclosed in court.

One of the daughters recorded what her father said and gave the recording to prosecutors who did not mention in records what the man was heard saying.

“This is not true, your honour, I am a father, and these are my daughters, what father would threaten to burn his daughters or kick them out of their house?” the father told the court.

He said the women were incited to file a malicious report against him by their mother because of issues between the couple.

“I have built an Dh800,000 house and she took it from me, now she wants this house too,” said the defendant.

On Tuesday, the man denied charges of issuing death threats.

A verdict is expected on December 17.

Updated: October 31, 2017 02:40 PM