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Father jailed for prostituting daughter in Dubai

Court hears how the Pakistani father emotionally blackmailed his daughter and also had his wife working as a prostitute.

DUBAI // A mother and father brought their teenage daughter to the UAE from Pakistan so that they could make money by prostituting her.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard on Thursday that Pakistani K A, 38, and his wife, S A, 35, brought the 17-year-old to the UAE on August 26 last year, and 10 days later her father took her to a hotel where she was given to a strange man who had sex with her against her will.

“He took away my virginity and paid my father Dh16,000,” the girl said.

The court was told that a month after the first incident, the girl was again taken by her parents to pleasure a customer.

She said they ordered to remain with the man the whole night and, when she went there, she found two men in the hotel room.

“One was in traditional Pakistani dress and the other in casual clothes. I heard my father telling one of them not to cause me any harm because I’m young,” she said.

Her father agreed to a fee of Dh10,000 with the men.

However, the two men were undercover police officers who had been tipped off by an informant that the father had been prostituting his daughter. The parents were arrested at the hotel room.

“During investigations, the girl said that her parents asked her to have sex with me because of their bad financial conditions, so she agreed,” said police officer O A, 31.

Corporal S A, 34, said the father confessed that he had asked his wife and daughter to work as prostitutes.

Police confiscated money and a laptop from a brothel. Evidence of the brothel’s website was found on the laptop. “We also found a list of the prostitutes’ names, their prices and the names of preferred hotels,” said O A.

The court listened as the girl told of how her father had emotionally blackmailed her by not speaking to her when she refused his request to prostitute her body.

“He told me that I should do this because we are poor and this will make us rich,” said the teenager, who is staying at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. She will later be sent home to her closest relatives in Pakistan.

K A was jailed for five years while his wife was jailed for three years and given an extra six months for prostitution. Fellow Pakistanis A H, 40, and 19-year-old M A, who are known as Dr Sunny and Dr Max, were convicted of running a brothel, abusing women and creating a website with photographs to advertise the prostitutes. Both were sentenced to two years in jail.

M Y, 36, who had sex with the daughter, was jailed for a year. All the defendants will be deported after completing their jail terms. The verdicts are subject to appeal within 15 days.