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Expat who promised himself he would come back to UAE

A stagnant jobs market forced Abdur to restart his life in the UAE.

DUBAI // A determination to secure his financial future was the driving force that led Abdur-Rahman Mahomed-Khan to return to the UAE.

The British national's previous stint in Dubai was at the start of the global economic crisis and lasted less than six months.

However, in that short period the 30-year-old recruitment consultant got a taste of the lifestyle and promised himself he would come back.

His first spell in the UAE began on Christmas Day, 2008, but he was forced to leave at the end of May the next year after losing his job.

He was able to return in July 2011, and has been here ever since.

"I had taken a big risk when I first came out here and it didn't turn out well," he said.

"There were about 90 people in the company I started with, but that was cut down to 30."

He returned to London but was always looking to return and was actively applying for jobs.

"One of the big differences in the work life you notice when coming over is the social side of things.

"After work in the UK most people tend to go home to their families, but here people are more likely to meet up for a dinner, coffee or a drink afterwards," he said.

Mr Mahomed-Khan said the opportunity to secure his financial future was key in his decision to return.

"To be honest the salary isn't that much better than the UK, but the tax-free element adds to the attractiveness.

"I work on a commission basis and we're entitled to 100 per cent of it in Dubai, as opposed to 60 per cent in the UK," he said.

The current economic situation in the UK is also encouraging many of his friends to look for jobs in the UAE.

"From my point of view I'm happy here and my thinking is that I'll probably stay for about four or five years.

"I know that in the first year many expats over indulge but after that they realise why they are here, and that in general is to save some money."