Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 18 June 2019

Ex-police officer accused of rape after abducting woman in fake road check

The 23-tear-old denied the charges and said the woman had agreed to have sex with him for money

An ex-Dubai Police officer has been accused of raping a woman after abducting her from a taxi under the guise of a stop and search arrest for drunkenness.

The Jordanian defendant, 23, denied charges of rape and carrying out duties that were not assigned to him when he appeared in court this Sunday morning.

The alleged rape took place in March 2014, and it was not revealed why the case took three years to reach court.

The court was told that the Moroccan woman, 24, was in a taxi with two of her friends when they saw the defendant stopping cars and searching them in Al Qusais. She said she had been drinking at a club with friends before they were stopped at around 3am.

“We were very close to my apartment when he stopped the taxi, saying he was a CID officer and asked for all of our IDs. Then he said that I have to go with him to the police station because I had been drinking alcohol,” said the victim.

She added that she got into his car, but instead of taking her to the station, he stopped the vehicle in a sandy patch near her home. “I was scared and started crying. He wiped my tears off, then hugged me so I pushed him and he slapped me before he ripped off my clothes and raped me,” she said.

The woman said she didn't go to police right away because she was scared she would be arrested for being drunk; however, a few days later, her friends advised her to approach police and report the incident.

“When she came to the station she was devastated. She was crying and shaking when she narrated what happened. I checked the location she mentioned, it was an empty land plot behind a driving institute,” said an Emirati police lieutenant, 43.

The lieutenant apprehended the defendant and questioned him. He said: “He (the ex-policeman) denied raping her and said that she agreed to have sex with him in return for money after he spoke to her when she got out of a taxi. He said she was drunk and got into his car willingly, but she is framing him because when he finished having sex with her, he didn't pay her.”

When the accused found out that she had reported him to police, he resigned from his position in the police and later took a new job as an inspector with Dubai Customs.

The next hearing will be on January 30.

Updated: January 15, 2018 11:09 AM