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UAE gives Dh6.4m for endangered species

Endangered species received US$6.4 million from the Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund last year.

Some have white beards, some brightly coloured feathers, and some even have dorsal fins – but all are recipients of the UAE’s generosity.

Endangered species received a Dh6.4 million boost from the Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund last year.

The fund provided grants to 216 projects run by foundations, academic and research institutions, community groups and people in 77 countries.

Among the species helped out was the Bornean white-bearded gibbon, which will benefit from a Dh36,880 grant to researchers at the University of California.

The money will promote conservation training and monitoring among Indonesian scientists and university students.

The endangered Sulawesi crested black macaque is the winner from Dh44,256 granted to Indonesia’s Selamatkan Yaki conservation programme for research, educational drives and the country’s ecotourism infrastructure.

A grant of Dh55,320 will help to protect the most important feeding ground in the southern hemisphere for blue whales. It went to the Pacific Whale Foundation in Chile.

And the brown spider monkey in the Caparo Forest Reserve will be the major beneficiaries of a Dh73,760 grant to the Central University of Venezuela.

The fund was established in 2009 and provides aid to species conservation around the world.


* This story has been modified to clarify that the aid given was in dirhams and not dollars and originally stated.

Updated: October 8, 2013 04:00 AM



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