Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 July 2019

Poor visibility and dusty weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Road users complain of dust and poor visibility on Dubai's roads and there's rain in the East

View of the Dubai skyline during the dusty weather in Dubai on July 7, 2017. Pawan Singh / The National
View of the Dubai skyline during the dusty weather in Dubai on July 7, 2017. Pawan Singh / The National

DUBAI // Poor visibility, dust and haze were reported by road users in certain areas of Dubai which later spread to Abu Dhabi in the afternoon on Friday.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology warned that visibility was reduced to less than 1,500 metres at times, mainly over exposed areas.

The blowing dust and sand were caused by fresh winds mostly over exposed areas, with a chance of rainfall due to a formation of towering clouds, the centre added.

Moderate rainfall was reported in Khatam Al Shakla this afternoon, and heavier rainfall was reported in the Al Madam – Al Malaiha road area. A video taken by a road user tweeted by the centre showed water running across the road in Al Madam.

Another tweeted video showed sand flowing across the road at high speed in Al Badayer area in Al Madam as well.

“I was driving in the Mall of the Emirates area and it was like a mild sandstorm,” said Dalia Zaher, a Palestinian expat.

“There was a lot of sand flying towards the car, so honestly I was worried about the paint on my new car.”

“And the dust was not the end of it, the heat is even worse.”

The centre issued a warning on Friday for residents to be on the lookout if they were planning any outdoor activities. The Oman Sea was also reported as quite rough.

The weather is hot to very hot with partial clouds and haze at times over some areas. Clouds are expected to be formed over some eastern areas this afternoon with light to moderate winds. The sea will also get more rough in the Arabian Gulf by late night.

The maximum temperature reached 50.5C in Saih Al Salem at 2pm, with the maximum recorded humidity reaching 65 per cent in Ajman. "Humidity is expected to increase during the night and in the early morning over some coastal areas," the centre said.

However, not all areas were affected in Dubai. Ms Zaher said: "Near my house in Al Warqa, it is very clear and no sign of dust, and even the trees are moving calmly so it's not like there is any strong wind blowing."

Another Dubai resident tweeted that she was planning to go swimming this morning, but changed her mind once the weather turned out to be dusty.

Updated: July 7, 2017 04:18 PM