x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Our desert pulses with life, says UAE's Sheikh Khalifa

The President of the UAE makes his appeal to residents in a speech to mark National Environment Day.

Sheikh Khalifa yesterday urged all residents to protect the desert eco-system and its resources, the state news agency Wam reported.

The President made his appeal in a speech to mark National Environment Day.

"The desert occupies the largest part of our country and is the factor with the deepest and far-reaching impact on our cultural history and social activity and tremendous influence in our economy," the President said.

"The desert is the source of water and natural wealth and an incubator of pasture and medical plants. It is the source of our home, life, identity and our future. It is land thriving with life."

Both the Government and individuals must work together to protect the country's natural resources, Sheikh Khalifa said.

Yesterday marked the 16th National Environment Day, and the desert has been highlighted as a theme for the third year running. This year, the theme was "Desert Pulsing with Life".

Sheikh Khalifa stressed that both federal and local government bodies need to work hard to ensure the protection of desert resources.

He called on all segments of the community to contribute effectively in efforts aimed at protecting "our desert environment, developing and conserving its diversity and serenity so to that it may remain pulsing with life forever".