x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Online store makes it easy for UAE residents to go green

From cosmetics that are free of harmful chemicals, to solar chargers and energy and water audits - residents looking to buy green products and services can now do so online.

From cosmetics free from harmful chemicals to solar chargers and energy and water audits, residents looking to buy green products and services can now do so online.

Gecostore, which will feature more than 400 products, opened yesterday to coincide with World Environment Day.

Its founder, Tatiana Antonelli, and her partners first looked into the idea two years ago but decided the timing was not right.

Problems included the difficulties of setting up an e-shopping scheme, the economic crisis and the lack of UAE companies producing or distributing green products.

But Mrs Antonelli believes things are different now. “The UAE population seems to be increasing again,” she said.

More people are comfortable shopping online and interest in green products has increased, she added.

“Two years ago, there were just a few suppliers, now we have more than 400 products,” said Mrs Antonelli, who is also the managing director of Goumbook, an online sustainability directory.

Goods available online include children’s accessories and toys made from a plastic substitute that is produced entirely from plant fibres. Made using bamboo fibres and rice husks, the products are biodegradable and can be composted when they are no longer needed.

The site has plenty of options for people looking to reduce their energy and water use. Insulating window films and solar chargers are on offer, and users can opt for a complete energy and water-reduction overhaul by ordering a consultation.

“It is a one-stop shop for everything green,” Mrs Antonelli said.

Product descriptions are in English and Arabic and delivery will take about three days.

The site’s founders also have plans for the future. “Step two for us will be to expand to the whole Gulf region, and by 2015 to the rest of the Middle East,” Mrs Antonelli said.

Visit the store by logging on to www.gecostore.com.