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EEG volunteer teams recycle six tonnes of aluminium cans

More than six tonnes of aluminum cans were collected during a nationwide recycling drive on Saturday.

DUBAI // More than six tonnes of aluminum cans were collected during a nationwide recycling drive on Saturday.

The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) organised their biannual Can Collection Drive to collect 6,009 kilograms of aluminum cans. This brings EEG’s total collections so far to 20,724kg.

“Our aim is to pass 27,000 kilograms this year,” said Habiba Al Marashi, chairperson of the EEG. “It shouldn’t be a struggle, 27,000kg is nothing, it’s a drop in the ocean compared with the cans sold in the UAE a year – which is more than 500 million cans

“We try to divert one of our most valuable raw materials, which is aluminum, from the landfill. So this all will be collected, segregated, and cleaned so we only have pure aluminum ... that gets recycled 100 per cent.”

The cans collected through this campaign alone have saved 504 cubic metres of landfill space and mitigating 311 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

“We can here to compete with other schools in recycling cans,” said Faris Al Mulla, 12, an eighth grade student from Modern Skills School who managed to collect 23kg of cans. “I think we did good for first time participating. Recycling is important and it saves us money,” he said.

Hind Hamad Sultan, 13, a ninth grader from Al Asma bint Al Hareth School and her schoolmates collected 15kg and plans to keep recycling at home. “I’ve convinced my parents to recycle at home and we plan to take out recycling to the bins at the supermarket twice a week.”

IT manager Ramen Venkatasubramanian, 45, from India, came down with his son Saivenkat, 7, who is an EEG member. Simon collected 4kg of cans and 1kg of plastics. The family began recycling six months ago.

Talking about recycling Mrs Al Marashi said: “Just get up and do it, it’s not difficult, once you get in the habit of it, it will become very easy. So please roll up your sleeves.”


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