Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 26 May 2019

Emiratis convicted of terrorism-related charges have appeals rejected

One defendant guilty of possessing firearms and ammunition

The UAE's Federal Supreme Court rejected three separate security appeals filed by three defendants on terrorism-related charges on Monday.

The court issued its ruling in support of all the verdicts against the defendants, ranging from 18 months' imprisonment to seven years' imprisonment and life imprisonment, state news agency WAM reported.

In the first case, the court rejected the appeal filed by accused, K.S.A, an Emirati, and sentenced him to life imprisonment for the charges against him and asked him to pay the judicial expenses.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals had convicted him for joining and being trained by terrorist organisation Isil.

In the second case, the court upheld the rejection of the appeal by A.S.H, an Emirati, who was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment on the first and second charges, along with charging him with judicial expenses. He was acquitted of the third charge, while the court ordered the confiscation of the seized evidence.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals convicted him for the possession of firearms and ammunition and the possession of military equipment, a sound bomb, without obtaining permission or a licence from the authorities.

In the third case, the court rejected the appeal filed by Emirati citizen K.S.M.

The charges against him were upheld and the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals sentenced him to seven years’ imprisonment.

He will be put on probation for three years, starting from the last date of the sentence imposed on him. It was ruled that his communication devices would be confiscated, and the information and data extracted would be deleted. He was also asked to pay the judicial expenses.

The Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeals convicted him for committing hostile acts against a sister country, publishing abusive images of the sister country and promoting and encouraging enrolment into terrorist organisations on the internet.

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